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A floating object among the trees defines this lakeside retreat house designed for an artist and her growing family.


Defying the traditional notion of a  ground-to-building connection, Mimi House appears to be landing on the earth rather than rising from it. "When you have such a beautiful and natural setting, the land becomes more important than the architecture." This light touch approach produces a minimal footprint on the natural landscape and elevates the user to a more primal location along the tree-tops - creating sweeping views of the lake and beyond.

The function of the house is also represented in its formal gesture and is in response to the desire to live and work in the same place. The work space is defined by the ground level and acts as a foundation (both physically and metaphorically) holding up the floating box that hosts the living space. The void space between the floating object and the ground defines "outdoor rooms" that serve as an extension of the house.

Project Type: Residential, Single Family 

Location: Undisclosed

Size: 3,500 sf

Status: In Progress

Photo Nov 24, 3 55 04 PM.jpg
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